Subscription plans approved!

Updated information on how to subscribe

Hey all,

I’ve heard from so many of you who want to support this thing financially, and I truly appreciate that. The fact of the matter is the more support it receives, the more I’m going to be willing to give to it. And you guys have made it clear I’m in.

So many of you have asked how to subscribe, because the site tells you to reach out to me. I’m happy to announce that after a dozen or so emails back and forth with Stripe, the provider on the back end, we are now approved to accept payments. Note to self: Don’t ever classify something as “Fantasy sports/gambling” again. Sets off alarm bells.

Starting with the second email of Week 1, this will move to a subscription newsletter, as was detailed on the site. Here’s the deal with subscriptions.

$5/monthly — Access to all Signals pieces and any other email content I may or may not do.

$30/year — It made me set an annual rate, and it literally wouldn’t accept a number lower than $30. I’m not sure what the offseason plan is. If people are still subscribed to this newsletter, I’ll have to give you some rookie takes, dyno stuff, and 2021 season prep. But if you’re just in it for Signals, do the $5/month for the next four months.

$150/year (founding member) — This was also an option and I’ve had people ask how they can support in larger numbers, which I really appreciate. I do really enjoy working with people directly, and for people who sign up for this, I will try to carve out time to be available for periodic one-on-one calls and things like that. I want to be clear my intent is not to help weekly with waivers and start/sits in your league, which is simply a scale issue — I just don’t have the time. But I would love for this to turn into some higher-level discussions for a select few who feel comfortable contributing this much money and want to learn more about my process so you can learn to approach situations similarly. If you sign up for this, DM or email me and we’ll chat about that. If we can’t come to something that you’re comfortable with, I can refund the contribution.

Again, as of the second half of the Week 1 notes, this will move to a paid sub for anyone subbing at any level. I appreciate that not everyone can afford $5/month, truly, and I apologize to those who this pushes out. Everyone has their own situation, and I hear feedback on all sides — make it paid, leave it free, charge a bunch of money, I’m a sellout — but this is the direction this will go, One of the cool features of this is those who are able and willing to support the work will have access to my thoughts in a way most won’t. It also provides me an incentive to continue pushing out good work, and while I have tried not to make any promises in this and I’m in no way doing it to get rich, I’m absolutely an individual who is driven to work harder by the type of support this has so far received in its free form. Again, I thank you for that.