Plans for this newsletter

Welcome and thanks for checking this out. I wanted to take a minute to lay out my plans for this newsletter.

First and foremost, signing up will get you access to Stealing Signals right in your inbox. The early-season schedule will be to hit Thursday Night Football and all the early Sunday games in a Monday email, then the late games, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football in a Tuesday post. This will get you my full reactions before any Tuesday night waiver runs and in time to get some trade offers out there early in the week.

That said, Signals has always been a time-consuming project, both for me as a writer and for you as a reader. One reason for this is I’ve often repeated points across multiple weeks, understanding that in publication form there are always first-time readers.

In this format, I hope to be able to cut some of that out as we go along. To that end, my current plan is to do a full Signals over the first couple of weeks, really digging into the first data we get when those deep dives are most valuable. As we go along, my plan is to modify the format down to something like “The 25 most important notes I saw on Sunday” where rather than it being team-based, the focus is the biggest and most actionable highlights from the same research. I will still be putting a significant amount of time into that version and it will hopefully still feel complete for those of you that do read this piece front to back, but it will be substantially shorter and hopefully a better product overall for both you and me.

One thing I have always enjoyed is the feedback from those of you who are reading Signals either asking for clarification or for a take on a situation I might have glossed over. So in additional to the main Signals posts, I may add a later-week Mailbag some weeks for any additional points I want to hit on, or if injury updates or status changes impact my early-week takes.

The last thing I want to mention is there’s a “Founding Member” tier here on Substack. I don’t anticipate much interest, but I will offer that if you go that route, I’ll make myself available for one on one consultations at least every other week, probably on Thursdays and Fridays. I was blessed to have some incredible mentors coming up in the FF space, and I have always enjoyed working with people directly to pass along things I learned as well as my own insights and research to anyone who is interested and engaged in learning more advanced fantasy football concepts.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out and I hope you’ll subscribe!